Philippines, The Jeepney
Public street transportation of the Philippines. This imaginative vehicle was invented when the American military left thousands of Jeeps behind after World War II. It became an institution, an industry, and a palette for creativity.
Nepal, Bhaktapur
Culture and People of Bhaktapur, Nepal
Nepal, Kathmandu
Culture and People in Kathmandu, Nepal
Pakistan, Northern
Images of the people and culture of Northern Pakistan.
Uganda, Kampala
Images from my visit to Kampala; the people and the culture.
Mozambique, Maputo
Images from my visit to Maputo.
Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen
Travels in the Swiss Alps
Italy, Venice
The people and culture of Venice, with just a few tourists mixed in.
Uganda - A Kampala Football Match
During our Africa trip In the autumn of 2013, my son and I enjoyed a great cultural experience, spectating at a football match in a neighborhood of Kampala, Uganda. High energy players along with exuberant and noisy fans.
China - Hong Kong
Images from my visits to Hong Kong.
World Cultures
My best images from world travel.
Kenya, Tea Pickers
Tea field laborers in rural Kenya.
Kenya - Kibera, Nairobi
In 2013 I had the privilege of visiting Kibera. This is my attempt to capture the people and day to day life in this neighborhood of Nairobi.
South Africa - Kruger Elephant Chase
Our adventurous encounter with a irritated elephant at Kruger National Park in South Africa.
Philippines - Manila
Images of the culture and people of Manila, Phlippines
Italy - Rome
Images of the culture and people of Rome, Italy.
Dominican Republic
Images of the culture and people of Dominican Republic.
Images of Haiti after the earthquake in Port-au-prince.
France - Paris
Images of culture and people in Paris.
Images of the culture and people of China
images of culture and people in Chile
Images of culture and people in Ireland
Italy - Florence
Images of the culture and people of Italy
Cultural images of Guatemala
Cultural images of Belgium
Cultural Shots from Cuba
Culture of Ecuador
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